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60-Seater Fully Digital Classroom and Training Facility
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Trusted By Leading Global Brands

Traditional exam centers face numerous challenges, from logistical issues to time constraints and security concerns. Additionally, the shift towards remote learning and online education demands a reliable platform for conducting exams remotely.

Our online examination center caters to a diverse range of clients, including educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities), professional organizations (certification bodies, licensing boards), government agencies, corporate entities (HR departments, recruitment firms), and individual trainers/tutors conducting online courses. ATA Infotech is proud to be associated with Industry Leaders, Apple Inc, Cloud Academy, IBM Corporation, EC Council, Amazon, Pearson, PSI, Beingcert and many other leading brands.

World-Class Security and Infrastructure

Our online examination center provides a secure, user-friendly environment for conducting exams of all types, including academic assessments, professional certifications, recruitment tests, and more. Key features and benefits include:

Ideal Location

Located in Martin Burn Business Park, Salt Lake Sector V, Kolkata, ATA Infotech is easily accessible from any part of the city. We also offer a flexible pricing model based on factors such as the number of exams conducted, the size of the participant base, customization requirements, and additional services such as proctoring and technical support. This ensures cost-effectiveness and value for our clients.

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