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Accelerating Business Growth Through Technological Empowerment

Unlock the potential of your business with ATA Infotech in India. Harness the expertise of our highly skilled professionals to develop essential capabilities tailored to your needs.

At ATA Infotech, innovation is our hallmark. Our Global Capability Center (GCC) provide access to top talent and groundbreaking technologies, enabling businesses to stay ahead of the curve. By enhancing client margins and fostering core capabilities, we drive businesses towards unprecedented growth.

ATA Infotech: Empowering Innovation in Kolkata's IT Hub

Situated in the heart of Salt Lake Sector V, Kolkata, ATA Infotech presents a cutting-edge facility for capability development, training, testing, and certification solutions. Our state-of-the-art office space is strategically designed to facilitate end-to-end business processes, technology development, AI implementation, and AI capability enablement functions.

With deep industry and functional expertise, ATA Infotech is dedicated to helping organizations elevate their business performance through advanced technologies such as AI/ML, turnkey eCommerce development, and comprehensive employee training solutions.

Essential Amenities for Seamless Operations

Aligning with US business hours, our common facilities in Kolkata ensure uninterrupted workflow and collaboration.
Embrace productivity in our world-class office complex, fully equipped to meet your needs.
Enjoy high-speed Internet connectivity, supported by a robust Internet backbone for swift data exchange.
Rest assured with our highly secure facilities, boasting redundancies across all areas to safeguard your operations.
Experience seamless communication with transparent call routing via Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology.

Connect effortlessly with our telecom gateway in the US, facilitating smooth communication channels.

Maximize efficiency with integrated workstation benches designed for optimal functionality.
Facilitate virtual collaboration with video calling-equipped meeting rooms, fostering productive discussions regardless of location.

Key Components of Our Infrastructure

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