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Unlock Global Talent with ATA Infotech's Managed Teams Solution

Discover ATA Infotech’s Managed Teams, an advanced business engagement model tailored to meet the growing need for global talent. This innovative approach offers an upgraded version of the traditional Employer of Record model, enabling seamless recruitment and management of full-time distributed tech teams without any additional overhead costs. Our comprehensive suite of services includes talent acquisition, custom workspaces with integrated IT solutions, and comprehensive support in compliance, governance, and operations.

What ATA Infotech Offers

Global Talent Acquisition

Streamlined recruitment process ensures top talent alignment with your business needs, facilitated by our Managed Teams model for efficiency.

Global Payroll & Compliance Management

Expert handling of payroll, benefits, and compliance, freeing your teams for strategic pursuits. Managed Teams model provides comprehensive solutions for seamless employee management.

Global Office Network

Access premium workspaces worldwide, fostering collaboration and innovation among distributed teams.

Global Talent Community

Beyond recruitment, our community supports seamless relocation and integration, ensuring workforce connectivity and motivation in new roles.

The Benefits of Managed Teams

ATA Infotech’s Managed Teams Model transforms global team building. Seamlessly integrating with your infrastructure, our model accelerates remote team setup with double the speed and efficiency. Enjoy streamlined collaboration, optimized team dynamics, and significant cost savings as ATA Infotech manages talent acquisition, payroll, compliance, and global office setup complexities. With Managed Teams, focus on strategic growth initiatives while gaining a competitive edge in the global market.

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